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If you’re planning to travel to countries in Asia, Europe, or the Americas, you’re going to need more than just cash if you want to pay for anything while there. The best way to access your money abroad is with a global currency card (also called an international currency card). Global currency cards are specifically designed to work internationally, allowing you to withdraw cash and make purchases with the same card, wherever you are in the world. lest look at the basics of it and see how it can be useful for your travel needs

What is a Global Currency Card?

A global currency card is a great option for international travellers. A global currency card allows you to pay in your home currency when travelling overseas, thus avoiding any fluctuations in exchange rates and saving money on conversion fees. These cards also come with added perks such as frequent flyer points and insurance coverage, making them an extremely useful piece of travel equipment. Before you pick one up though, make sure you know all there is to know about them. Here’s everything you need to know about global currency cards.

How do I use it?

Designed for frequent travelers and expats, a global currency card can be used around the world. The cards do require a $1,000 balance (hence global), but they offer better exchange rates than you’ll find with credit or debit cards. And unlike traveler’s checks or ATM withdrawals that must be made in local currency, you can use your global currency card anywhere Visa or MasterCard is accepted. Simply swipe your card like normal. How does it work?: A global currency card works just like any other debit or credit card. When you make a purchase using your global currency card, funds are automatically deducted from your available balance.

Is it for me?

Whether you’re heading overseas for a holiday, or travelling on business, there’s nothing worse than arriving in a new country and finding you don’t have enough local currency on hand. A Global Currency Card makes it easy: load up your card before you go, then simply use it at ATMs as needed for access to your foreign currency 24/7. And with no transaction fees applied when using your Westpac Global Currency Card overseas, it can save you money too! There are two types of Global Currency Cards – Travel Money and Business Traveler – so be sure to check out both options if you think one might suit your needs better. Either way, all cards offer access to over 35 currencies worldwide; it’s just a matter of deciding which is best for you.

Who provides them?

There are many global currency cards on offer in New Zealand from major banks like Westpac. But no two cards are exactly alike. It’s important to compare them all if you’re looking for a way to buy travel money online at competitive rates. With that in mind, here’s a comprehensive review of what each card offers its users so you can get it right first time when it comes time to make your purchase

What are some benefits?

With a global currency card, you can convert your cash into multiple currencies and withdraw from ATMs in different countries. This is a great benefit when traveling abroad, since it helps you avoid foreign transaction fees on purchases. Plus, these cards are designed with security in mind—they’re equipped with sophisticated chip technology for added protection against fraudsters. With so many advantages and benefits, a global currency card is one travel accessory that’s truly worth taking along on your next trip.

Are there any fees I should be aware of?

While you may be attracted by low international transaction fees, it’s important to read through all of your cards terms and conditions before applying. Some cards may also have a foreign currency conversion fee if you make a purchase in a different currency. Be sure to check with your bank as they can advise on any extra costs associated with your travel money card

Where can I use my Global Currency Card?

You can use your Westpac Global Currency Card (GCC) just about anywhere around the world where Visa is accepted. There are approximately 24 million Visa acceptance locations in more than 200 countries and territories, including 1.4 million ATMs. Visit Visa’s ‘Where to spend’ website for more information about where you can use your GCC.

When would I use my credit, debit or prepaid cards versus my Global Currency Card?

There are certain situations in which you might be inclined to use your debit or credit card. For example, if you need a cash advance at an ATM, a regular credit card can be used for that purpose. If you want someone else to pay your credit card bill and are planning on staying overseas for an extended period of time, then you can apply for a bank account or obtain a pre-paid travel card from another country.

Is there anything else that I should know about these types of cards when traveling abroad?

Some global currency cards can be used at ATMs in other countries, but if you’re traveling to a foreign country that doesn’t support your card, you may need to use an ATM inside of a bank. If so, you may incur international fees and forex fees, depending on your bank. But, no matter where you travel or what type of card you have, it’s important that you protect yourself with another essential: travel insurance.

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